Jasmine Village – Phuket

Our facilities

In addition to our villas, we offer you a complete experience to live an exceptional vacation with us. Explore our resort and enjoy an invigorating and revitalizing vacation with us.


At Jasmine Village, everything you need is within reach, ensuring a hassle-free stay. From essential amenities to convenient services, we've got you covered, providing utmost convenience throughout your time with us.

Jasmine Village - Phuket

A tropical pool

Discover the joy of swimming in our swimming pool in an exotic setting.

Relaxing hammam

Go on an exquisite wellness journey to relax and rejuvenate in our hammam.

Jasmine Village - Luxurious Rooms

Luxurious rooms

Sleek, modern design rooms and artistic touches create a captivating space where comfort and style seamlessly converge.

Grocery store

Discover our on-site grocery store, where you will find everything you need, including a charcuterie, a cheese counter and a fine selection of wines.

High speed wifi

Stay effortlessly connected with high-speed WiFi available throughout the resort, from the garden to the pool to your villa. Enjoy uninterrupted online access during your entire stay.

A tropical garden

Immerse yourself in our tropical garden oasis, where lush foliage, sculptures and soothing fountains create a serene ambience. Experience a tranquil getaway amid the beauty of nature.

swimming pool

Other Perks & Facilities

Want more? We firmly believe that every guest who walks through the doors of our hotel deserves the best experience. We are determined to achieve this objective.

Jasmine Village - Outdoor

Pool view terrace

Very nice terrace and deckchairs by the pool.

Wines and charcuterie

Indulge in a perfect evening with our selection of fine wines, delectable charcuteries, and artisanal cheeses available at our shop, ensuring a delightful and successful soirée.

Secure private parking

Rest easy knowing that your car and motorcycle are secure and protected in our gated and secure parking area, providing peace of mind throughout your stay.

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